Micro Finance

When Kadamba began its journey in 2001, our dream was to showcase something unique in our deeds, to achieve something big in the developmental model we planned. We frankly admit that we nurtured an attitude of such a magnitude and if we had to explain it, we were compelled to say “Sky is the Limit”.

Our approach was truly a multi- dimensional one, which included rural development, employment generation, education, rural housing, agriculture and what not? This list had amendments and additions in every measure.

We had a spot on motivator; we had a sturdy guiding force; we had faultless visionary; we had an able leader… and above all we had a compassionate human being at our disposal… and it was none other than Sri Anantkumar Hegde. Along with him we could dream big, aim high, set great goals, and then realize it through perfect plans with superior precision.

Initially in real terms, it was not so easy to do everything. The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps – we must step up the stairs

We just couldn’t ignore the plight of the society we lived in. The problems of the underprivileged segment in rural sectors need to be addressed and as the real change makers, our approach was to be pragmatic and spot on. So we had to emphasize on few important service domains.

The employment/income generation was the major domain we identified, and stepped in to the same in 2002. The words like Micro Finance and Micro Credit was by then an alien subject in those rural pockets. We envisaged a plan to reach out to the marginalized populace through these unconventional fiscal services.

To realize this it was mandatory to set up ‘Self Help Groups” and this was a novice concept by then. Our volunteers were guided by NABARD in setting up SHGs and Micro Credit groups. The necessary trainings were conducted to these groups by NABARD.

In its mission of Micro Finance, Kadamba Foundation received overwhelming support by Nationalized Banks, especially State Bank of India and Syndicate Bank. We at Kadamba are indebted to these financial institutions and their very accommodating and co-operative officials.

Kadamba Foundation after serving the rural population in this segment for nearly a decade successfully, decided to depart from this sector. As it was our guiding principle and ethical policy as a ‘not for profit’ organization, to not indulge in any profit making activities Kadamba gradually retracted from Micro Financing in 2010. The huge Micro Credit Network built by Kadamba was reassigned to “The Shalmala Finance Limited” in 2010 and since then they are managing the show promptly.

Our motto is serving our society, helping the needy people and facilitating the much needed services. We have been serving our society with high moral principles.

  • Shri Mahabaleshwara Naik is interacting with the members of micro credit groups.

  • Ms, Kavita Kulkarni is handing over the cheque for the beneficiaries

  • Kadamba CEO, Destributing the Rs-800000/-cheque for Sharadamba and ramambika SHG’s on 23-12-2009

  • Cheque distribution programme in Ramaambika and Sharadambaa SHG’s on 23-12-2009 at Siddapur. The SBI manager Mr Ramanna, was giving his speach