20 years of creating positive & future developments

F a i t h    i n    F a r m i n g

Agriculture is the most integrated subject of science & engineering, holistically !
Strengthening our Farmers

Agricultural Marketing

Kadamba not only promote crops

But creating marketing bridge too

The end to end solution is our ethics in our mission. Whatever the projects have been initiated by Kadamba, we find an integrated solution for that project categorically.

Know your Soil - Know your Life

A nation that destroys its soils, Destroys itself

The New Generation Healthy Food Security Concept” By enriching soil health, so that, our Mother earth would give us back better yields. To adopt and implement new age 4th Generation agricultural technology.

  • A unique technology using First time in the world.
  • Consortia based ultra rich microbial products.
  • U.S. PATENTED (No: 6,311,426, 6,228,806)

The Great Indian Teff

Kadamba strives for other alternative crops to match the future
generation climate change requirements, in harmony with natural eco-system

Public Health

Commitment in action. Not only Speech
Serving Patient is like Worshipping God

We care your Health

The vision of Kadamba Foundation was to assist and achieve Public Good in all sectors & segments of the society. Accordingly Kadamba, set in motion a program inclined with Public Health in 2003 with an alliance through the renowned KSHEMA hospital of Mangaluru. K.S. Hegde Medical Academy (KSHEMA).

My Tree - My Jungle

Faith in forest is the only way to save us from disater

At Kadamba, we have set ourselves an ambitious target of growing 4 lakh+ trees in Uttara Kannada district to rejuvenate the pristine ecosystem of Western Ghats. The planting of sapling's is set to start from the coming monsoon of 2020 and Kadamba has geared up along with its associate partners in mobilizing the right resources in this earnest by starting the planting exercise in the Malenadu region.

Esteemed Associates